Farm Fresh. Our Family to Yours

Our mission is to raise the most nutritiously dense chicken, while giving our birds a higher quality of life and being as environmentally conscientious as we can. We look forward to giving our customers a delicious product they can feel good about preparing for their loved ones.

Bone Broth Available Now ( Finally!)

My love for bone broth is deep. It’s nutritious and comforting. Bones themselves, are rich in vitamins and nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous.¬†Tissues […]

Dinner tonight! Spinach & Feta quiche with roasted red pepper & asparagus

Spinach & Feta Sausage Quiche with Roasted Red Pepper and Asparagus I love our spinach and feta sausage so darn much that I’m always trying […]

Busy morning mini breakfast quiche with chicken sausage

Last weekend I was at my daughter, Lyla’s, fathers house and Lyla’s Step Mom was pulling a variation of these out of the oven. She […]