Our Chickens

Pasture Raised, Free Range, GMO-Free

Our Artisanal Chicken farm has been certified by the Chicken Farmer’s of Ontario.

Our chickens come to us at 24-48 hours old and they are immediately placed in our warm brooder barn until they are big enough to enjoy the sunny pasture each day. We want to give them access to sunlight, fresh air, seeds, insects and vegetation and allow them to roam free and have the ability to peck and eat a more holistic diet the way nature intended. We will be experimenting with different vegetation in our pasture, such as clover, spinach, alfalfa and also adding some wood piles to encourage lots of protein rich insects will be readily available for our chickens to snack on. We will update our blog as we learn what our chickens enjoy eating, I’m sure our chickens will be trying many different types of vegetation this year. Our chicken’s diet also consists of a GMO free feed mix. Our chickens are brought into our barn at the end of each day to be kept safe from hungry predators. We believe in raising happy, healthy chickens for our customers & for our family.

We look forward to updating our blog weekly during the spring, summer & fall so you can follow us along on our adventures in pasture raised chicken farming.